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Commercial Litigation

  • Breach of Contracts - Incumplimiento de Contrato

Estate Planning

  • Wills (FREE with ARAG) - Testamento
  • Living Wills (FREE with ARAG) - Declaracion de últimas voluntades
  • Power of Attorney (FREE with ARAG) - Poder notarial
  • HIPAA Release (FREE with ARAG)
  • Medical Surrogates (FREE with ARAG) - Substituto medico

Family Law

  • Child Custody - Custodio de niño
  • Child Support - Peticion de manutencion de niño
  • Child Support Modifications - Modificacion de manutencion
  • Child Support Defense - Defensa a la imposicion de manutencion
  • Divorce - Divorcio
  • Domestic Violence - Violencia Domestica
  • Marital Agreements - Contratos Matrimoniales de Disolución
  • Name Change - Cambio de nombre
  • Pre- Nuptials - Prenupcial
  • Visitation Arrangements - Visitaciones con los niños
  • Legal Separations - Separaciones legales
  • (All these services may be free or inexpensive with ARAG)

Immigration Law

  • Immigrant Visas - Visas Inmigratorias
    1. Family based petitions - Reclamacion de familia
    2. Employment based petitions - Reclamacion por empleo
  • Non-Immigrant Visas
    1. Tourism petitions (Visas de Turismo)
    2. Educational petitions (Visas estudiantiles)
    3. Business (Visas de Negocios)
  • Adjustments of Status - Ajuste de Estatus
  • Permanent Residence/Green Card petitions - Aplicacion de Residencia
  • Citizenship petitions - Ciudadania
  • Appeals - Apelaciones
  • Motions to Reopen denied petitions - Motion de Reapertura
  • Motions to Reconsider Deportation and Removal Orders - Mocion de Reconsideracion y Cancellacion de Deportacion.
  • Petitions to re-enter the United States after Deportation or Removal - Peticion de perdon despues de deportacion.
  • Legalization of your current presence in the United States - Legalizacion de su estatus
  • Petitions for re-entry permits/travel abroad - Permiso para viajar
  • Replacement of green card - Renovacion de Residencia
  • Work Permit - Permiso de Trabajo
  • Attend Interviews for immigration - Asistir a entrevistas inmigratorias
  • Of all these services may be free or inexpensive with ARAG!

Personal Injury

  • Automobile accidents - Accidentes de auto
  • Slip and Fall accidents - Caidas
  • Medical Malpractice - Negligencia medica
  • Injuries due to the negligence of others - Lesiones basadas en negligencias de otros

Real Estate

  • Evictions - Accion de desalojo
  • Tenant's Rights - Derechos de inquilino
  • Landlord's Rights - Derecho de propietario
  • (May be free or inexpensive with ARAG)